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Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Advanced Imaging of South Bay Inc; has the leading edge in this rapidly growing diagnostic and therapeutic field including SPECT AND PET Technology.

Diagnostic Procedures:


  • Cerebral Radio nuclide Perfusion for cerebral death evaluation.
  • Spect Brain imaging for ischemia detection.
  • Radio nuclide cysternogram for evaluation hydrocephalus and Cerebro spinal leaks.
  • DaT scan ( Dopamine Transporter imaging) for evaluation of -Parkinson disorders including quantitative analysis.
  • Visual and Quantitative analysis of PET Brain Scan for dementia evaluation.
  • Amyvid PET brain scan for dementia evaluation.

Salivary Gland Physiology Imaging

  • Qualitative and Quantitative lung perfusion and ventilation analysis for Pulmonary Embolism and prior to surgery.
  • Evaluation of right to Left shunt

Other Services:

  • Nuclear Cardiology including ischemia, viability and Left ventricular function evaluation. PET cardiac evaluation for viability, sarcoidosis etc;
  • Whole Body and SPECT Bone, Gallium and Somatostatin receptor imaging.
  • Liver spleen imaging, Hepato biliary imaging.
  • Gastric Emptying and gastro intestinal bleeding detection studies and gastro esophageal reflux studies.
  • Pre and Post Y-90 therapy SPECT CT imaging.
  • General SPECT/CT imaging for miscellaneous indications including hemangioma and other focal liver pathology.
  • Thyroid imaging prior to and post therapy.
  • Parathyroid planar and SPECT/CT imaging.
  • Renal imaging including Lasix Renography for function and obstruction evaluation.

PET imaging in Oncology:

  • Staging, re staging and response assessment for most of malignancies including, Lung, esophagus, gastric, lymphoma, melanoma , musculoskeletal malignancies etc;
    F-18 Flucyclovine (Axumin) for prostate carcinoma recurrence.
  • Gallium -68 PET (Netspot) for evaluation of neuro endocrine evaluation.
  • F-18 PET/CT bone imaging for metastatic work up.


  • Radio iodine therapy for hyper thyroidism and thyroid carcinoma.
  • Radium-223 dichloride (xofigo) infusion therapy for castrate resistant prostate carcinoma.
  • Bone pain palliation therapy (Samarium-153) for bone metastasis.


  • The state of the art SPECT /CT imaging device delivers the best of both worlds of function and anatomy for optimum patient care.



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